$220 (No GST or PST)

This two day course runs every second week on Thursday and Friday, except Christmas through New Year. Attend Written & Driving Classes from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM both days for testing.

Training covers truck-related topics including all operating instructions, warnings, and precautions for the types of narrow aisle reach trucks the operator will operate; controls and instrumentation: location, what they do, and how they work; engine or motor operation; steering and maneuvering; visibility (including restrictions due to loading); fork and attachment adaptation; operation, and use limitations; vehicle capacity (weight and load center); vehicle stability (with and without load and attachments); vehicle inspection and maintenance the operator will be required to perform; charging and recharging batteries; operating limitations and instructions, warning, or precautions for the type of vehicle which the employee is being trained to operate. Covers classroom / Theory / Written Test and Driving / Operating Test.

Classrooms are air conditioned, with comfortable leather chairs, free coffee, donuts, and soft drinks. Take advantage of the only unlimited guaranty offered in Canada. If you do not pass, you are welcome to re-test until you pass or give up at no further charge.. Successful graduates receive professional industry credentials on course completion.